EsterEster de Lau

Conceived at: Dr. Swaab’s private practice, March, 1972
Born: 1972
Location: Amsterdam (the Netherlands)
Active on: 23andme, FTDNA, Gedmatch, Fiom DNA databank (Dutch DNA databank for donors and donor conceived)

Personal message: I was 28 years old in 2001 when I learned of my conception. I was donor conceived in a time that it was done in full secrecy. My parents were instructed to never talk about it to anyone (including myself), but did not keep the secret and at some point in their lives someone they knew threatened to tell me in order to hurt them. So they told me. It took me fifteen years to start my search. I don’t really resemble my mother and have a deep wish to recognize myself in others: half siblings or the donor. I felt lonely being DC and am grateful I have now gotten the opportunity to meet other donor children (they understand how I feel!) and learn about DNA testing. I have my own website to share the story of my search¬†(in Dutch).