we-are-dc-hallieHallie Cox

Conceived at: Northwestern Cryobank
Born: 1994
Location: Helena, Maryland
Active on: 23andMe, GEDmatch, Donor Sibling Registry

Personal message:
For as long as I can remember I felt out of place in my family. My features, my hair, my skin tone just didn’t seem to line up with anyone else. My parents and I had a weird relationship. We were constantly fighting and I never felt a strong connection to my father. I found out I’m donor conceived at age 20. I have struggled deeply with the loss of my identity and spent nights angry and sad about where I came from. In Montana I haven’t been able to find anyone else near my age who is dc but I have been able to share my experience and hear the experiences of others through the internet which has helped me deal with my conception and not feel so alone.