we-are-dc-joeyJoey C

Conceived at: Chestnut Hill Fertility Unit/Dr. Ginter Sotrel
Born: 1987
Location: Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Boston, MA
Active on: AncestryDNA, 23andMe, Family Tree DNA, Donor Sibling Registry, Donor Children, all DC Facebook groups

Personal message:
I was raised by a single mother by choice and I’ve known my whole life I was DC. Never really had much effect on me growing up. Now I am a pilot in the U.S. Navy and I am loving life. I see all the kinds of adversity a person can have in their life and it makes me very fortunate and grateful for the things I do have. I try to stay active in the DC community because I hope to inspire those who feel confused or depressed about their conception and family situation. I also try to offer advice to potential couples or single mothers who are considering going through AI or IVF. The best advice I can give concerning being DC is take it lightly. Try to handle it with an open mind and a sense of humor.