LauraLaura Keith

Conceived at: Chaleybeate Hospital (now Spire Hospital)
Born: 1991
Location: Southampton, UK

Personal message:
I found out I was DC aged 13, effectively by accident and under horrible circumstances. It has taken me years to get to a stage where I have accepted the fact that I will, most likely, never find out anything about my paternal family. All I have managed to ascertain about my donor is he is tall, A+ blood type and can roll his tongue. As much as I feel a need to start searching (and for so many years as a teenager literally could not wait to search) I now worry that it is going to bring back up all of the feelings of upset, deceit and injustice that I felt so strongly for so many years growing up. I’d just like to know where I came from. A parents right to have a child is no greater than a child’s right to know their parents.