Conceived at: MC Bijdorp, Barendrecht, the Netherlands
Born: 1982
Location: Breda (the Netherlands)
Active on: Family Tree DNA, GEDmatch,,

Personal message:
Hello, I’m Monique. In a nutshell: I haven’t seen my “dad” since I was 2. When I was 14, my mom told me he wasn’t my real dad. My real father was an anonymous donor. I would never know who he is. She said my brother was my full sibling though. Not so long ago, we did a dna test. He is my half brother. My mother did not know. I have found 5 half sisters so far. There could be many more out there. (Please take a test!) The fertility doctor lied, falsified donor information, used multiple donors at once by making cocktails, exceeded the maximum number of offspring per donor and did not screen donors properly, resulting in severe health problems among the offspring, etc. — and I am afraid he’s my father.

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