Penny Coulter

Conceived at: Lingard Private Hospital Newcastle (now known as GENEA)
Born: 1992
Location: Coffs Harbour NSW
Active on: RUDC, Ancestry DNA, Donor Sibling Registry, Family Tree DNA

Personal message:
I found out I was donor conceived at 24. Two of my three children may have a life-threatening medical condition I likely inherited from my donor. I have been knocking on closed doors trying to have my six known half siblings informed of my medical condition. Unfortunately due to the circumstances, until legislation changes, their life continues to be at risk. I also feel there are emotional repercussions to separating a child from their biological heritage. When I look in the mirror and see features that do not belong to my mother, I wonder who they belong to and wonder how my donor (who was a father at the time of donation) could give away his biological child? Because after all, we are children—not “biological material” as most clinics portray us. We are looking, longing, wondering…can you tell us who we are?