Conceived at: Private practice fertility doctor Robert Schoysman
Born: 1979
Location: Brussels (Belgium)
Active on: 23andMe, GEDmatch,, @donorkinderen

Personal message:
My name is Stephanie and I am part of a triplet (brother + sister).  At the age of 25 we found out that we were donor conceived. Last summer a DNA-test showed that we were conceived by insemination of a sperm-cocktail: my triplet sister has another bio-dad than my brother and I.

I am looking for my true identity and biological family (father and siblings). But I also started an organization for Belgian DC. I did a lot of research, political lobbying, exposed some huge scandals of the fertility industry, build a huge network (inter)nationally and I am a critical voice in the donor conception & surrogacy debate.

Over the years I met some terrific people, including other donor conceived, parents, donors, lawyers, professor in genetics, writers, journalists, adoptees, and birth mothers.