We Are Donor Conceived Magazine

We Are Donor Conceived magazine (2020 edition)

The We Are Donor Conceived magazine is here!

The We Are Donor Conceived magazine is a full-color perfect bound booklet that features engaging personal narratives from donor conceived people, DNA testing tips, mental health advice, and need-to-know information for parents of donor conceived individuals, gamete donors, academics, and ART industry professionals.

In this issue:
DNA Testing: Five Steps to Get Started
DNA Surprises: Understanding Insensitive Comments
Ask a DCP: What Do Parents of DC Children Need to Know?
Highlights from the 2020 We Are Donor Conceived Survey
Sperm Donors’ Thoughts About Meeting Offspring
Ask a DCP: Is Anonymous Sperm or Egg Donation Ethical?
An Egg Donor’s Perspective
…and more!

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The We Are Donor Conceived magazine explores the thoughts, feelings, and experiences of multiple generations of donor conceived people from around the world. Our printing partner is printingcenterusa.com