We Are Donor Conceived was launched in 2016 as a resource center for donor conceived people around the globe. It's also a place where donor conceived people can share their stories with each other and the general public in order to inspire greater understanding about the unique challenges we face.

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Welcome Message

If you just found out you were conceived using donated sperm or eggs, we want you to know you are not alone.

Your Bio Father is a Sperm Donor

Chloe Elizabeth, a donor-conceived person from Australia, shares highs and lows of her journey to discover her full identity.

Articles & Selected Resources

How-tos, guides, and other information for donor conceived people


Has the age of the anonymous sperm donor ended?

Donor-conceived Canadians speak out about donor anonymity, DNA testing, and the need for legislation that protects their rights, including access to information about their health and genetic history.

Donor-Conceived Children Demand Rights

This Newsweek article provides a comprehensive overview of the issues surrounding donor conception with supporting quotes from donor-conceived people who are advocates for the DC community.
Insight: Sperm Donation

Insight: Sperm Donation

This episode of Insight explores sperm donation from the perspective of donors, donor conceived adults, parents of donor conceived people, fertility clinic owners, and a legal expert.

Personal Stories


Dear Donor

Letters from donor conceived individuals to their biological fathers or other genetic family members in search of information and human connection.

Dear Donor Part 2

Letters from donor conceived individuals to their biological fathers or other genetic family members in search of information and human connection.


Q&A: DNA Detectives

Many DC people use DNA tests to unlock the mystery of their genetic heritage, learn more about their health, and even search for family members. To shed some light on how to go about the latter, we tapped a volunteer search assistant for tips about where to begin and how to get help.
Nicholas Isel and Lisa Ling

Q&A: Nicholas Isel

Nicholas Isel was conceived using sperm from The Repository for Germinal Choice. His experience as a donor conceived person has been featured in books, radio programs, and an upcoming documentary. Most recently, Isel created an FDA petition that seeks to improve record keeping standards and make personal information about donors more readily accessible.



The Genius Factory

Learn more about a new feature-length documentary about the Repository for Germinal Choice, a controversial sperm bank that purportedly stocked sperm from Nobel Prize winners.

Father Mother Donor Child

In this documentary film, Maria Arlamovsky talks to the people affected by third party reproduction, including donor-conceived adults, sperm and egg donors, sperm donor clinic directors, and parents.
Donor Unknown documentary

Donor Unknown

Donor Unknown is a documentary feature that follows the story of JoEllen Marsh, a 20-year-old donor conceived person who is driven to find out more information about her sperm donor father, known only as Donor 150.