We Are Donor Conceived was launched in 2016 as a resource center for donor conceived people around the globe. It’s also a place where donor conceived people can share their stories to inspire greater understanding about the unique challenges donor conceived people experience.

If you are a donor conceived individual looking to connect with others in the same situation, please join our private Facebook group, exclusively for donor conceived people. We respect diversity and do not tolerate prejudice or discrimination in any form.

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Welcome Message

If you just found out you were conceived using donated sperm or eggs, we want you to know you are not alone.

Relative Identity

When Danny Johnson was 13 years old, she learned her biological father was a mystery sperm donor.

The Need To Know

At age 29, Amber Van Moessner discovered the father who raised her was not her biological father.

Insight: Sperm Donation

Watch this episode of Insight to hear the the perspectives of donors, donor conceived people, and other experts.


Highlights from the 2020 We Are Donor Conceived Survey

70% have discovered a sibling via DNA testing
78% have identified the donor via DNA testing
76% do not support anonymous gamete donation


Why the donor’s identity matters

Donor conceived people want to know the identity of their genetic parent(s) to varying degrees. Some have a burning desire to know everything about who they are and where they come from, while others are content with the information on a donor profile.

Living My Truth Set Me Free

I have been drowning for two years with two weights tied to my legs, pulling me beneath the surface, dragging me down. The first weight was my biological father ending our relationship, and subsequently being ignored by every member of his family.

I am not for sale. I am your daughter

My heart breaks for my friends and other fellow donor conceived people who have reached out to their sperm sellers and been rejected. To clarify, I use the term “sperm seller” because “sperm donor” does not correctly portray the American industry.

Waiting is the hardest part

I finally found the email of the man who I think is my donor dad. It took me about three weeks to work up the nerve to email him. I finally did, last night.

I have 49 siblings (so far)

“Do you have any siblings?.” I’ve been asked that question so many times that I developed an automatic response: “No, I’m an only child.” Even when asked now, sometimes I’ll cut myself off in the middle of answering, reminding myself of my new reality.