Issue #1: We Are Donor Conceived Magazine


The We Are Donor Conceived magazine features the lived experiences of people created via sperm and egg donation.

Issue #1, Welcome to The Journey, highlights engaging personal narratives from donor conceived people, gamete donors, recipient parents, and mental health experts.

With advice aimed at DCP navigating an emotional discovery (and parents of donor conceived children), this unique publication is designed for an audience of donor conceived people, parents via egg or sperm donation, gamete donors, academics, and mental health/ART industry professionals.

The We Are Donor Conceived magazine is printed on premium 100# gloss paper with a soft touch laminated cover.

International orders available. Email your order details and address to wearedonorconceive[email protected] for a custom invoice. Shipping rates are as follows:

Canada Rest of World
1 magazine $15 $18
2-3 magazines $18 $22

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